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Frustrated with Influencer Marketing? An IOS app makes it simple!

Frustrated with Influencer Marketing? An IOS app makes it simple!

Frustrated with Influencer Marketing? An IOS app makes it simple! 150 150 Dr. Kádas Péter—BrandSnob

Need help with your Influencer Marketing?

Trawling through Instagram profiles to find the right influencers for your brand is time consuming and at best a hit and miss process. Once you’ve stumbled upon an influencer that looks like a good match how do you then contact them? Do you DM them or try to send them an email? Are they even going to see your communication in among all the other messages they receive?

Most brands once they have tried this for a while look for smarter ways to build their list of influencers.

BrandSnob is the ultimate influencer marketplace! With thousands of influencers and content creators, finding the right influencers to help tell your brand’s story can now be done from your iPhone.

“Our focus in developing for IOS only is to make influencer collaborations as simple as possible. Influencers lead busy lives and spend most of their time on mobile, so they want to be communicating and working with brands this way.” says Tony Coiro, Co-Founder of BrandSnob.

BrandSnob’s IOS app makes booking influencers simple. Brands submit a creative brief to the BrandSnob marketplace and in minutes start receiving offers from influencers that match their preferences and want to work with them.

BrandSnob even make it easy to identify the influencers that offer the best value. With one tap brands can filter incoming offers by ‘Best Value’ and compare and book the influencers they like.

Another pain point for brands is influencer reliability. Most influencers like to be paid in advance for their work. This leaves brands at the mercy of uncaring or unreliable influencers that fail to complete their post or create their content in a timely manner.

BrandSnob’s secure payment system protects both the brand and the influencer. Once a brand accepts an influencers offer the funds are paid securely into escrow and only released once the influencer posts and the content goes live. If the Influencer fails to post then the brand can simply notify BrandSnob and a full refund is made. Of course if the influencer does complete the job then their payment is guaranteed by BrandSnob.

BrandSnob has no booking or subscription fees for brands, taking away all entry barriers for brands wanting to get the most out of their influencer marketing spend.

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